Interview with Caroline Paris

Photography: Kurt Paris

Who is your favourite international stylist?

Grace Coddington – I wait eagerly for Vogue every month, I find her work very inspiring. The fact that up until Vogue, the movie, was released, barely anyone knew anything about her (meaning she worked in the shadows for all those years creating all those beautiful fashion editorials). It is somehow even more inspiring.

Do you style for passion or fashion?

Well I am extremely passionate about fashion so both J Joking apart, in a fashion shoot it is important to feature what is currently in fashion, as this makes it more relevant to the current state of the world so to speak. However, I believe in always trying to give an outfit a twist, something original, maybe including a vintage item or something sourced from an independent designer. There’s no point in being a trend parrot.

For personal styling, current trends also play a role but a much smaller one, in my opinion here, the most important thing is selecting clothes that suit the person’s body shape and that fit well. If this means not wearing the latest trend then so be it.

What does it take to become a good stylist?

Love clothes :P On a serious note, I’ll repeat some of what I said in the previous question and say that what’s important, especially in fashion, is to not just copy what’s in the shop window displays but to take risks and give the style originality. I think it is important for a stylist to have inspiration and to look to magazines and other sources for that inspiration, but it is important to never copy. A stylist should also always be armed with their ‘tools’: safety pins, needle and thread, pins, double sided tape, steamer and lint roller to name a few. In personal styling understanding body shapes and the way different fabrics hang on the body is fundamental. Another important thing is listening to your client and getting to know their character, at the end of the day they will be wearing the outfit so it is important that they feel comfortable in it.

Ok, so you style people, how about when it comes to style yourself? Is it easier or more difficult?

Easier, I know it sounds strange and possibly pretentious but I see myself as my canvas, one that can be constantly striped down and painted over, again and again.

We are aware that you have won Best Stylist at MFA, can you elaborate on how are you dealing with your new title?

Well, it’s only been a few days and I’m not quite sure my head has descended from the clouds yet, but it has really motivated me to work harder. I feel as though I have even more passion for the job and even more determination to make my mark in this world.

Who do you think is the sexiest local male and female model?

Ooh hard one, not sure I can stick to one… hmmm well if it’s just on the basis of sexiest I’d probably go for Robert and Laura of Supernovamodels.