Dealing with Bridezilla

Getting to the ripe old age that I am, the inevitable has started to occur – my friends are beginning to get married. One of my oldest and closest girlfriends has her impending nuptials in just a few weeks and I could not be happier for her. But. With a wedding comes a world of stress and pain that nobody can prepare you for. If you think it’s just the bride and groom that suffer the strain you would be very wrong. As a bridesmaid you are inevitably embroiled into the chaos that is cancelled DJs, unreliable caterers and nightmares about melting ice sculptures arriving on the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this girl to bits, she is like a sister to me, however, the nearer we get to the big day, the more crazy she seems to become. Just some examples include numerous spreadsheets for various domains (invoices/scheduling/outstanding tasks), emails to bridesmaids with a list of the numbers, addresses and email addresses of all suppliers and family involved in the wedding (just in case) and countless updated lists of duties for the day – as well as numerous check-ups to ensure that we are in fact, on top of said allocated duties.

Apart from my worry regarding her health and mental well being that this strain will have on her – I’m also not really fond of the frantic emails that come pinging through to my phone at 5am whilst she is close to meltdown. The best advice I have to remedy this would be – stay patient. Us bridesmaids have booked her in for a spa day to relax her; we deal with the harassment about our jobs, and tell her in an honest manner when she needs to calm down.

In her very words, ‘I cannot wait for the wedding to be over and to just get on with being married’. And this made me smile because it is just one day and what’s really important is the rest of her life. I am glad that at least she has the serenity within her mind to realise this and I know that although there may be hiccups she will have an incredible day marrying the man she is crazy about.