Are You A Screamer In Bed?

Well if so then you can blame evolution.

Last week I came across (shut up) an evolutionary theory as to why women make more noise than men during sex. (And no, it is not just because we cannot do two things at once).

Apparently, according to academics who study this sort of thing (that’s what I call a thesis) our ancestors loved to have orgies. And cave-ladies used to scream away to let the local boys know that the party had started and that they could have a go with their diplodocus. As it were.

As a result nobody seemed to know (or care) who fathered any resulting babies and everyone in the community lent a hand to bring up the kiddies together, carpooling to take them to their cave art lessons and things like that.

The same theory also explains why women have multiple orgasms and why men’s testicles are so big in comparison to the rest of their body. (Big balls help in fertilization competitions. Trust me.)

Right. I’m off to watch the Flintstones.