Interview with STEVE CAESAR

Where do you live:– Tarxien

Status:– Single

Star Sign:Gemini

Main occupation:– DJ

Media-related occupation:– DJ

Steve Caesar’s trademark sound of soulful house music began 15 years ago at Places in Paceville. Over the years Steve Caesar has played at all leading clubs in Malta and Gozo and played alongside big name DJs during their performances on the islands. Steve Caesar organises the highly popular Strictly House, The Soulshaker and the Steve Caesar Classics parties.

Back in 2006, Steve Caesar’s first accomplishment as a local personality was to launch a celebrity calendar. The issue was extremely successful and Steve produced another two calendars one for 2007 and another for 2008. Since then many personalities have followed in his footsteps and done the same. Another first for Steve Caesar was the launch of his own eau de toilette – SWEAT on the local market. Followed by the launch of his own wines Caesar’s Vin.

Steve opened his first Caesar’s House in April 2008 on the outskirts of Paceville. In its third transformation Caesar’s House is now a Cafe, Lounge, Bar situated in Naxxar.

In a club-oriented career that has spanned over 15 years Steve Caesar has established himself as one of Malta’s leading DJs, promoters and young entrepreneurs.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?


What’s the most money you have spent in one go?


Do you have a grooming regime?


What do you prefer :- women or cars? And why?

Women, because cars are material things.

Do you buy an expensive car, or you prefer same amount cash in your bank account?

I’d rather buy an expensive car.

What role does technology play in your life?

Technology is an important part of my life because everything I do is based on electronic equipment.