Create A Perfect Base: #1 – Primer

Once your face is fully cleansed and moisturised, it is time to create a flawless canvas in preparation for your make-up look. This is the first article in the series “Create a Perfect Base” and it deals with make-up primer.

Make-up primer is one of the beauty products that is not commonly found in everyone’s make-up bag. However, once you start using it, I assure you that you WILL be hooked and you WILL start adding it to your normal make-up routine.

What is make-up primer? It is a product that is designed to smooth and conceal fine lines and uneven skin texture. It also ensures a smooth, uniform skin surface to which make-up will adhere properly. Moreover make-up won’t crease and will stay on for a longer period of time when applied over a primer.

Different types and colours of primers – There are a variety of area-specific and problem-specific primers on the market such as primers specifically for the eyes or for the lips. One can also find both transparent and tinted primers. Personally, I prefer the transparent kind however when one has very dark shadows or red skin, then a tinted primer is recommended.

Always remember that –

Yellow tints conceal blue shadows

Green tints conceal red marks

Lavender and blue tints liven up yellow skin

Application – Usually you would only need a small amount of primer. Pump or pour it onto your hand and using your clean fingers or a make-up sponge, distribute it all over your face. Blend well into the skin. Keep in mind that most foundation primers aren’t suited for the eyelids so make sure to also invest in an eye primer. If you don’t have such an eye primer at hand, a concealer will work just as fine.

N.B. Always test a little of the product on your skin prior to application; this will avoid any possible sensitive reaction.

Once you get used to using a make-up primer, you’ll have a secret weapon that will ensure a fantastic and polished end look!

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Next article in this series – Applying Foundation – Stay tuned!