Interview with Red Pig Flower

Left: RED kolinka domllorens

Why RED PIG FLOWER as a name? 

The name is connected with my art work concept. RED means reality. I find all the red things are nice: blood, cherries, berries, lipstick, sunrise, sunset, sign of warning. Rose, Chinese flower, heart, red carpet and excitement. It represents my red works in paintings and photography. PIG means desire. Smart and greedy animal, smarter than dogs but loved as a food because of its ugliness. I reject the notion that greed is a bad thing and I try to represent and see people’s desire through my art. I express my desire through “receipt projects”. FLOWER is originally a “plastic flower”, which means dreams and idealistic beauty. I refuse all real flowers, which die and fade away easily. I try to find out something which is eternal and infinite, one within my life. I represent my flower work in video and sound arts and, of course, these three works are related to each other. And I continue my art work to make dreams become a reality. So I can talk about “dream” and “reality” and “desire”, and I use any material which can express my notion and emotions.

How did you get started and how long did it take to get your first big break?

I used to be in a band when I was a teenager, and I hated it, because I couldn’t express myself as a band has so many restrictions, and after I finished with it I started thinking about how I can do music just by myself. Then when I was about 18 years old I could start entering clubs. Club Rooty in Tokyo was my kind of playground where I started meeting lots of DJ friends and naturally got interested in DJing. It’s already been 8 years so far. However, I don’t think I have had my first big break or something yet, since I started it, I loved it, and just kept doing it. As I am a workaholic, I just keep learning and working. I can feel that I have evolved a lot compared to a few years ago, but I strongly feel that there is such a long way to go, and so many things to learn all the time.

Did you find helpful people along the way or did you do it alone?

Yes definitely there were many people who helped me – well, actually for the first few years of my DJing experience I had to learn everything by myself, however since a few years ago, I started meeting amazing DJs and producers who supported me, for example Miro Pajic(Berlin) and Theo Komp(London) helped me a lot to develop my producing skills(whether they meant to or not), Bee Lincolin(Berlin) has always been supportive and he helped me out a lot with promotion in Berlin, also I have to mention my partner Knock(Japan) who is kind of my family member as we built up a label together. I believe, in order to grow, supporting each other is essential. I feel so lucky that I could meet so many amazing people who helped me, and that I could help.

What has been your best and worst DJing experience so far?

I really try doing my best and enjoy all the single gigs, whether it is small or big. People tell me they could feel my nervousness and excitement before and during the gig all the time, like a 7 year old kid. So it is very hard to tell what was my best. Last week’s gig at Womb (Tokyo) was amazing as I haven’t played on home ground for a while and it was so heart warming to receive my Japanese friends’ support. Womb was one of my dream clubs to play in and two months ago in London I played just before the “Sascha Dive”. It was a big honour for me to play before him as he is one of my favourite DJs, but I couldn’t say it was my best gig or something because every time I finish my gig I feel like “Oh..I could do better”.

About worst DJing experience… it is not really about the gig’s quality or something, even if there isn’t enough people I could enjoy my gig, but sometimes if I meet really disrespectful people, like rude bouncers, or drunk boys and girls who ask me to play hip hop or R’n’B or something, it makes me feel really bad, but then again, I could enjoy all gigs as a life experience, all people are different anyway and I know you can’t expect the same amount of intelligence from everyone.

What do you love about your job and what is the tedious part of it?

DJing makes me travel, and travel is troublesome sometimes :) I love my job, which enables me to meet lots of people, and it gives me the opportunity to see the world, but sometimes (as I’m not the best person to manage human relationships). I could get tired and fed up about some people who are more into promotion or trendy shit than music, and also definitely doing this job requires time and stamina, you need to be strong mentally and physically.

How does your job effect your relationships? The anti-social hours, the travelling, etc.

Hmmm, I am very sociable in the club when I’m doing my job, because electronica music is about having fun and being connected with people, but when I’m not DJing I prefer to stay at home alone, making music or painting. As I’m surrounded by noise almost all the time, I need to isolate myself when I have private time. With regards to travelling, I don’t really travel for holidays, I always prefer to travel when people invite me to DJ….hehe, that’s enough.

Who do you look up to as a mentor and what inspires you?

Everyone who I meet in my life, they are my mentor and inspire me, in good ways and bad ways, I learn all time from everyone. Yes you inspire me.

What job would you be doing if you were not a DJ?

Well, I treat DJing as a performance art, and producing music as a sound art, and apart from DJing I am making art all the time, I do not know any other thing I could do apart from creating. I’ve never thought about doing anything else. When I’m not in the club (not doing DJing) I’m making things or dreaming about something.

What person, dead or alive, would you like to work/collaborate with?

Hmm… I’m open to collaborations with anyone if they have an interesting idea and a passion for it, but if it were possible I’d want to try out a collaboration with Andy Warhol, I think we could have been good friends, or Michael Jackson because I would have liked to help make “Dream Land” together, basically I love crazy dreamers.

What is your next step, future projects?

I will keep doing my thing, as I do now. Yes, many projects are coming up, my vinyl label, new exhibitions, and I want to go for an all-around-the-world tour, even the smallest town in the world, North Pole and South Pole, but in the end everything is just a part of my art project which I’m constructing in my own world, we will see how big it is going to be, and how many people are going to like my world.

How do you like to relax? Where would you like your next holiday destination to be?

Hmm… like many people, I like nice food and to be surrounded by nice people. Maybe I’d like to go to Malta again, because when I went to Malta last time on tour, it was in August and it was way too hot that I couldn’t even go out… So that time I thought “Oh I want to come to Malta again when it is not so hot” because people told me Malta is an amazing holiday destination, but I couldn’t even see the city properly. May be next time, if I have a chance to come to Malta again, I want to go to the beach and want to walk around city.

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