B is for Brows

Plucking Threading Waxing Determining your eyebrow shape Using eyebrow gel Filling in brows

Our next ABCs installment is none other than BROWS, usually bold and exaggerated on runways, which might not tickle everyone’s fancy. We have put together an essential brow guide just for you!

1. There are three ways of shaping your brows: plucking, waxing and threading, Never, EVER, shave your eyebrows, they will grow back oddly and you will probably never get them back to their former glory!

2. If you are shaping your brows always adapt to your natural eyebrow shape. In order to get your eyebrow shape, grab a brush, always holding it next to your nose and first align it vertically – that is the beginning of your brow. The end of your brow is determined by resting the brush against the outside of your nostril and aligning it with the outside corner of your eye. The arc is determined by holding the brush to your nose and aligning it with your pupil, try not to pluck on top of the brow, leave that up to a beautician since they will know how and which hairs to pluck.

3. When re-touching your brows, grab a brow brush, brush the brows upwards and look for any flyaway hairs – they are the hairs you should pluck.

4. If you are looking to thin your  brows, do it after a period of time as you might not like your brows and once they are plucked you won’t get them back so quickly. A trick you can use is to go over the brows with a white liner and draw out the shape.

5. Fill in your brows, it’s quite normal to have some gaps in your brows, so using a brow brush, brush upwards and sideways and fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow by applying upwards and always brushing to the side.

6. Tame those wild brows by using an eyebrow gel.

7. If you have light brows, tint your brows at a beautician; NEVER use normal hair dye since it is too harsh for the skin.

Remember, your eyebrows are sisters but not twins! You will never get them looking exactly symetrical, but try and make them compliment each other with our little tricks!