Keep Calm and Carry On

If like me, you try to fit a thousand-and-one things in the 24 hours of a day, then you might from time to time feel stressed, overwhelmed and losing control. If, again like me, you’re a control freak who wants every little detail to be perfect, then you know what type of anxiety I’m talking about. 

What helps to keep stress and anxiety under control is the idea of having all the things I need to do, and places I have to go to, all written down. Carry with you a little pocket diary and use it to keep in check where you have to be or what you have to do. In that way you avoid planning two things at the same time, and also, you’d be able to check what your week is like at a quick glance.

My second tip would be to give yourself a two minute break and make a nice cup of honey, lemon and ginger water. This remedy is not only soothing for when you feel a cold coming on, but I find it very calming too and the sweet honey taste and spicy ginger aroma make this drink a must-have in the evenings. It’s also a good substitute for coffee, since the caffeine makes nerves and anxiety worse.

Give yourself a break. It’s OK to pause your hectic lifestyle for a few hours, put on a movie or a favourite TV series and just relax. Stress and anxiety only get worse the more you try and fight them, so do let go and let your hair down every now and then. And don’t worry about things which are out of your control – deal with them when they happen. Stressing out will solve nothing. Enjoy the moment, some things work best when unplanned.

Written by Claire Caruana.