Which Eye Shadow Colour Suits Your Eye Colour?

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How many of you have found yourselves in the following situation? You’re standing in front of an eye shadow palette that is full of the most beautiful colours you have ever seen, however, you’re holding yourselves back from choosing that bright pink hue or that gorgeous jade colour and opting instead for the ‘safe’ bronze or pearl shadow. Why? Simply because you are not sure whether that particular colour will look good with your eye colour! Fear not! Below are some hints in relation to which colours will best compliment your eye colour.

Brown Eyes – Brown eyes are very versatile and one can wear almost every colour of eye shadow. However, if you really want your eyes to pop, I would suggest using either green or pink eye shadow. Moreover, if you have gold flecks in your eyes, you might wish to try an eye shadow that has a gold shimmer to it.

Green & Hazel Eyes – Being a green-eyed girl myself, I can safely vouch that purple eye shadow is the secret to creating a dramatic look and making green eyes pop! However, if you want to opt for a more natural look, you might want to try a warmer mocha brown shade or another warm colour with a slight orange undertone.

Blue Eyes – First of all, STAY AWAY from blue eye shadow! Instead, if you want your eyes to pop, try wearing earth-tones, taupe and slate coloured greys. You can also try out a rose coloured eye shadow as the coolness of this colour will prove to be a great contrast to your blue eyes.

Despite all the above, remember, NEVER let the fear of the unknown hold you back! Makeup is an art, so experiment with different colours and textures and you might be surprised with the outcome!