Not Victoria’s Secret

EXCITING NEWS in the underwear world.

Internationally known Durex decided to explore the online market as well. They are coming up with vibrating underwear, called Funderwear, which comes as a bra and pants set, and men’s boxers.

Its hidden sensors are controlled by a smart phone which allows partners to play and stimulate one another from a distance.

This innovation is still in the experimental stage and there’s no word on a release date, although a lot of people are eager to get their hands, and other parts, on this new toy.

 If this is still not a good reason for you turn on the camera to show him your new pantie, then we should talk about Lovepalz. Another new toy designed to be used by both partners, promising physical contact in real time over the internet.

Lovepalz is based on female and male reactions, the gadget’s sensors transmit your partner’s actions.

Zeus, the male designed toy sends Hera, the female toy, the speed of the male’s actions and Hera recognizes it immediately, sending pressure and tightness inside the toy based on the female’s reaction.

In another words, the device automatically senses your actions and transmits them physically to your partner’s toy.

All you need is to be connected to the internet. It is not the first of its kind, but definitely marketing-oriented and better designed than the 60’s Barbra Streisand’s microphone looking “Virtual Stick and Virtual Hole” by “teledildonics” on the market few years ago.

After having an online experience, why not share it?

  For this reason, the app SexSquare makes it even easier and fun to do so. This app allows you to reveal all – when and where you made love.

It is similar to Foursquare, the one where your friends are tagged on FB saying they are in X bar drinking a mojito… or when it tags you stating where Y persons have been jogging…

SexSquare is all in Portuguese but it became popular in some countries for its easy interfaces, such as icons to choose – if it was on the water, at work, in the car…quickie or not, details on toys, positions and rating.

The more you use it, the closer you get ranked to being a “sex machine”.

Just makes me think twice before entering a free wifi zone!