Nail Trends for Spring 2013

The majority of nail trends are inspired by the various fashion weeks around the globe and this year is no exception! Apart from the typical floral patterns, nails are painted in creamy pastels, shimmery nudes, velvet textures, matte and Aztec prints. Let’s have a look at the key trends for the most beautiful season of the year!

Pastels are always key colours for spring so make sure you have at least a mint and a lilac nail polish in your collection. You can play around with these colours as much as you like and combine them with other shades for the ultimate pastel manicure. (pic2)

Tipp-ex white nails are so in right now but since they are not for everyone, you can always put on a design in a contrasting colour, say black, and still stay on trend! Why not add studs or cone spikes for a rock chic mani? (pic3)

You can never go wrong with a shimmery nude! It goes with everything and you can always match it to your skin tone for that mannequin-hands look.

Velvet and caviar nails don’t seem to be leaving us any time soon. Reserve them for a special occasion as they typically won’t last long and don’t be afraid to experiment with bright, bold and beautiful colours!

Last but definitely not least, have fun with Aztec and geometric nail art. They complement an otherwise plain outfit beautifully! (pic4,5)


Image Credits

Geometric and Caviar nails done at Nailara
Aztec nails:
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