My Much Needed Weekend Break

Hi EVE readers, its been a while since I have jotted anything on paper, or should I correct this and say – since I typed anything on the QWERTY keyboard other than work related stuff, post graduate assignments etc (we do now live in a super loaded tech world – that getting out of my apartment nowadays has become a check list of iphone 5 – check; ipad 3 – check; internet pebble – check; mobile/bleep – check. I mean, come on, and then they say that tech has made my life easier! Try asking me that at 6am as I’m exiting my apartment!). I am not a promoter of anything in my life but I feel the need to share my weekend break experience since I have relaxed, enjoyed myself and grew as a person.

So here we are, 33 years old, working so hard that I myself actually query how I do manage it all. But I am so busy with work, studying, post grads, deadlines, high powered meetings, coping with the fact that I am now living all by myself, that I don’t even have the time or energy left to invest as to how I’m actually still surfacing. Now this is it, I am certain that I am not the only person living in the fast lane in 2013.

But then comes along one of my cousins, VD, a nineteen year old girl, who surprised me and won my heart all over again by suggesting, after her sleep over at mine on Friday night, we spend Saturday and Sunday at Seabank All-Inclusive Resort, Mellieha.

I did hesitate at first since I did have loads to study over the weekend and have this deadline cloud called 7.5.13 threatening my breadth but I gave in and went for it! And thank God I did! Apart from the fact that since my cousins have sporadically entered my life they have always brightened my world and got me to feel alive again, these two days were sheer relaxation coupled with breathtaking views and surrounded by tempting food and beverages 24 hour 7! So much so that when I got to check out it almost felt as if I had actually gone on vacation away from Malta, when in actual fact I was in Mellieha and not so far from my Sliema apartment.

Now I am a well travelled girl due to work and my leisure travel hobby but this All-Inclusive idea has certainly released the endorphins my body had been deprived of for quite a while. I am writing all this to show you, EVE readers, that at times a time-out is needed and the Seabank concept is a lucrative one. Trust me on this!

Life is short and one is not going to get out of here alive! I know this too well since I was placed in the dungeons at the tender age of 3. So our life demands may have increased, yet I have learnt, from my cousin, to make room for breathers. It is true that she’s young but she has actually taught me a lot during this weekend and for this she can be sure I will back her up all my life.

She finds time to care about people in general and she makes me see things that, despite being in my face, I wouldn’t be aware of them since I’m too focused and thinking of work, study etc. And the reason for this is not the age gap. She is per se a good girl and a true girl. I, on the other hand, was and have become, as my life unfolded, too much of a career girl. But I’ve been missing on the real, nice things in life!

My life has hardened me since I was 3 years old, then my career even more. But is this good? My categorical answer is NO. Not only because one will be missing on the nice, warm, emotional parts in life, but also because now I finally understand what my ex boyfriends invariably said about me – that there is a part of my character which is lacking! And finally thanks to spending time in London and this weekend break with VD, I could finally understand what they were inferring. I didn’t quite have time in my life to care and be all girly. Instead I had to survive and that’s a lot in life to achieve!

It is true that life has been tough on me, but hey, this lack of care, attention, etc. is my responsibility now and I will certainly tackle it. The truth is that when in life you are worried about a million things and serious stuff since you are a child – then that way just becomes one’s style. It is a style which gets you way ahead in one’s career and list of post grads but certainly not in one’s personal life. EVE readers take my word for the latter since my relationship experience has been, I would say… varied and tiring.

So here I am now, typing this, just to let you know to not let life in general harden you, in whatever way, and that once in a while a time out at Seabank All-Inclusive Resort will get you feeling refreshed, reflective on were one is going in life, a bulge (I’ll have to address this starting from now), more caring, positive, better complexion due to the sun lounger and no boat to Gozo, and no flight was sought! Now this is what I would call a totally stress-free 30 minute drive weekend break! VD and all the family I am truly eternally indebted since even my soul is a happy one!

And by the way do request a room with a sea view! If you’ll go there you’ll know why! And now that this is done and it’s all out of my system I feel that I can handle not only the Monday sadness but the aftermath weekend break sadness with VD better! Until next time…

Work To Live

But Don’t

Live To Work Ever

It Just Isn’t Worth A Dime!