The Importance of Being Ignorant

A few days ago I was applying with an organisation to travel during the summer. The type of trips offered all have a theme and offer different types of courses: photography, language, dance and so on. One of the trips was going to centre its theme around homophobia.In fact, along with some other questions that I had to answer in my application, I had to state what my views are on homosexuality.

This got me thinking, because in reality I don’t have any views. Why should I have a view on homosexuality, it’s not as if I have a view on heterosexuality. I don’t care. I choose to be ignorant because I don’t believe that I should give my view on something that just is, I don’t believe that I should see anything differently between the hetero or homo love. Love and sexual attraction is what it is, you cannot really explain it and you shouldn’t try to explain it (unless there are issues of consent mostly).

So yes I feel that it is very important to be ignorant to the fact that homosexuality exists, because what in reality exists is us trying to label that which in its own terms is already hard to understand. I mean who can really explain what love and sexual attraction are, who can control these emotions? No one really. So the next time I see the word homosexual or even heterosexual or even bi-sexual I am going to pretend that I do not know what they mean, and I am going to ignore the fact that there might be a difference between them, because what difference is there between one human being or another who just want to be loved? Nothing.