Undercover: The Secret of the Yummy Mummy

You flick through magazines and catch a glimpse of Mrs Beckham, looking ravishing in her designer jeans and perfect hair, happily surrounded by her four children, and gorgeous husband. You convince yourself that the only way she manages to look so fantastic is the fact that she has people waiting on her, hand and foot, taking care of the kids for her and what not. This theory all comes crashing down when you take your kids to school on Monday morning and realize that a lot of mums look picture perfect, insanely groomed and seem to have everything under control. You shy away beneath your massive sunglasses, which are shielding your swollen red eyes, and walk behind your children to the school door, to make sure no one gets a glimpse of the pink socks you chucked on in a hurry earlier on.

How do they do it? Are they graced with nannies? Or do they wake up at 3am to start their beautifying rituals?

Probably, neither of the latter. It is quite simple really – all it takes is a little planning. Every evening before bed, lay out your clothes, shoes, and accessories for the following day. Prepare the make-up you will be using, hair products, and even perfume, neatly next to each other. Do the same with your children’s uniforms. Make sure everything is within hand’s reach for the following morning, therefore reducing the panic of searching for things when you are running late by, let’s say, 75%.  Try and set your alarm, 15 minutes earlier than usual, thus allowing an extra quarter of an hour for your foundation, blush and mascara. If you’re like me, this still won’t work (damn snooze!), in fact I usually end up putting my make-up on in my car during sessions of early morning traffic!

However, with a little effort, and planning, the morning dilemmas will ease and you will in fact manage to look at least half decent. Of course, I’m not saying that this routine will miraculously turn you into the hottest mum in town, but every little tip helps. You can then drive back home and continue making yourself yummy in the peace of a childless house.

If all fails, and your children decide that they will purposely ruin your efforts of being the next yummy mummy on the block – by not wanting to eat their breakfast – you can always revert to your sunglasses. An over-sized pair of designer sunglasses is the greatest investment any fashion-conscious mum will ever make! Having an assortment of them, is even better!