Feast Patterns

Photography: Bernard Polidano

I was very curious to see what the talented local duo Charles & Ron had come up with for the Malta Fashion Week, and I must say they have reached my expectations pretty well. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection called Feast Patterns is a collection which is inspired by tradition. The collection reflected patterns and colours usually seen at a village festa, patterns and textures usually seen on the ‘bandalori’ and ‘paviljuni’, as was adequately described by the compare of the night Miss Moira Delia.

The prominent colour of the show was definitely green. A fusion of a yellowish green, merged with bright greens and also bright yellows. One could also appreciate the use of touches of lilac with this combination. Like at the festa, gold and white were used neatly, combined with the colours mentioned above. I liked the different textures the designers used in the collection, from flowy silks and chiffons to glittery lace and more stiff gold leatherettes. The combination of stiff with soft was used immensely in this assortment of clothing.

Obviously, a Collection called Feast Patterns couldn’t have done without replicating the traditional floral patterns – if I can call them that – we usually see on the flags and street decorations. They reminded me, in fact, of some patterns we usually find on Maltese tiles. Personally, what I found not so appealing was the use of the Maltese cross in some of the fabrics, I perceived it as being a bit too obvious to say the least. It would have been nice if we could have seen the pointed cross used in other ways or replicas.

One thing which surely struck me was the jewellery! Charles and Ron have created unique pieces using gold and stones – creating statement pieces that suited the assemblage brilliantly.

The show, which was brought to us by Estetika, was held at the splendid and magnificent Mediterranean Conference Centre, and even though it did start 20 minutes late, I truly enjoyed this evening. The models (mainly models from models.com.mt and Supernova) where made-up by Justin Brincat using Eva Garden make-up, and hair by Alexander, their shoes were supplied by Aldo.

Definitely looking forward to the other shows!