Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2013: Day 1 – Faragé Paris Bridal Collection by Wedding Bells

Photography: Clint Scerri Harkins Photography: Dennis Calleja Photography: Eman Borg Photography: Kevin Gatt Photography: Kurt Paris

The Bridal Fashion Show opened this year’s much awaited Fashion Week at the picturesque Xara Lodge in Rabat.

Crystal embroidery, lace flowers and tulle were the order of the day. The Faragé Paris Collection was so magically crafted together, that it felt like we had been flown off to a fairy-tale land.

Most of the gowns featured the lace embroidered technique made famous by the Duchess of Cambridge. The collection showcased was unlike the classic white gown we are used to. All pieces were highly elaborate, especially the necklines. We saw high necklines embroidered with sophisticated crystal embellishment, or with light and delicate feathers, as seen on the gown worn by this edition’s lead girl and nominee Shana Caruana.

For the utterly conventional women, there was a very plain dress embracing the female form that hugged the waist line with a perfectly shaped bow and a slight crystalline lace embroidery.

One of my personal favourites was a beige one shoulder ethereal gown which had a lovely doily pattern and sheer material flowing from one shoulder. The mentioned gown was tightly cinched at the waist and red-headed Madeleine Baldacchino looked so elegant and pristine in it.

From detailed lace sleeves to sophisticated silver under-bust detailing, this collection provided an ode to delicateness which will definitely be remembered.

Feminine and tastefully seductive for the bride that dares to be different but still extremely elegant.

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