Lingerie for Men

An Australian lingerie company – HommeMystere are making big bucks by selling ‘Male Lingerie.’ They claim that their stuff is marketed at ‘straight’ men and includes things like camisoles, teddies, and even panties and bras.

And apparently the boys are lapping it up!

I asked my wife what she thought about me wearing ladies undies and, even though she is probably the most open minded person I know, her first reaction was still a very adamant ‘Nope!’

Well, actually, her first reaction was ‘don’t tell me you don’t have any clean ones left…again! No more curry Tuesdays for you!’

After having checked out HommeMystere’s website, I have to say that there is probably very little that would tickle my (ahem) fancy except maybe the C-string which is well, little more than a silky, semi-see through willy warmer.

Although I wouldn’t even know what size to get. From what I can gather they are supposed to be close fitting, but what if we get a cold spell? That might turn my skin-tight C String into a rapper’s hoodie!

What do you reckon ladies…would you like your man to wear this stuff?