Foolproof Way To Apply Nail Polish

After endless articles on make-up, it is time for a small deviation into the colourful world of nail varnishes.

If like me, you are naturally clumsy and tend to smudge your nail polish the instant you put it on, then here are some tips to help your nails remain intact and beautiful:

  1. Remove your old nail polish. If the colour you have on is a bright one, then place a cotton pad dipped in nail polish remover on the nail and wait for a few seconds before removing… this makes removing bright colours far easier.
  1. Shape your nails. Use a nail file and gently file in one direction to achieve the shape you want.
  1. Gently remove any cuticles, if you have any.
  1. Apply a clear, base coat and let it dry.
  1. Choose your nail polish shade and put it on. First, paint one stripe of colour in the middle of the nail. Then, paint another stripe on the left and continue to the right. Let it dry and apply another colour if necessary.
  1. Remove excess polish from the cuticles or fingers with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish.
  1. Apply a top coat to seal your nail polish.

A quick tip to ensure that your nail polish dries quickly is to place your nails in a basin full of ice-cold water. Leave them there for a few minutes and your nail polish should be all dried up and perfect. In this way, apart from saving time, the risk of smudging your nail polish is largely reduced!