The Myth of O-rgasm

How many times have you faked an orgasm, ladies, to make your partner feel he performed well?

Surveys have shown that between 50% and 70% of women never experience orgasm by penetrative sex alone.

So let’s bust this myth now so that neither men nor women expect orgasm this way, so avoid disappointment and stress by such expectation. Let’s look at ways to achieve orgasm together, during penetrative sex.

During foreplay clitoral stimulation will already build up the possibility of orgasm later. Once into the sexual act, clitoral stimulation can be achieved by a vibrator, or by hand of the woman or the man, depending on the position. Doggy-style – woman kneeling, man behind – is a great position for deepest penetration, but also allows the woman to use her hand in stimulation to bring orgasm at the desired timing with the man. The man is also free in this position to use his hand on the clitoris.

Spooning also allows access.

Woman on top is another great position allowing the woman to pleasure herself on the man’s pubic bone.

A woman who gets to know her own body by self-touch and masturbation will know better how to improve the probability of orgasm.

Talk to each other about what works. Men, there is no greater way to start the whole pleasant love-making progress than to give your women soft sensual touch from toe to head, then going orally to your partner, both around, and touching the clitoris, as softly or as firmly as she wants it.