You Are What You Dress

A few days ago – make that a week – I went to an event and a certain topic of interest cropped up. The debate, which became quite heated, all revolved around the matter of what to wear when making an important statement.

The common mentality is that if a person is not clean-shaven or neat, or not well-kept or dressed in the appropriate attire, then whatever comes out of that person’s mouth, is not reliable or worthy of being acknowledged. This is the point which I understood was being made by the person opposite me. Are we really still stuck in an era where what you look like has more weight than what you actually say? Is it true that whatever catches the eye is more important than the substance being presented, are we still so disillusioned by what we can see that we don’t even bother to stop and listen?

Let us say yes, let us say that people will be people – brimming with intelligence and yet still gullible. No matter how intelligent we might be, we still chose to judge someone by the way they dress, and when I say judge I do not mean to mock, I mean judge whether their actions or words have any worth. I would rather think that in a time when conventions are constantly changing we could be a little more accepting and a little less judgemental, especially if what is being said makes logical sense.