The Curious Child (EP) Launching – Alex Alden Raises the Bar for Local Music.

Alex Alden - Lana SP photography

I got to know of Alex Alden through a friend of mine while promoting her first single “Dancing Alone”. Upon first listen, I could tell that the song was a class above anything else on the radio, so much so that it would spend months on heavy rotation and eventually rewarded as Malta’s No.1 hit on Malta’s Top 10. Ever since then I tried to follow her as close as possible and this leads us to the launching of The Curious Child EP.

Alex Alden enters the elegant Teatru Salesjan’s stage with a big sympathetic smile on her face, evoking her raw passion for music. Quickly, she instills a sense of honesty and affinity with the audience and it was evident from the very first notes of opener “Seeds Of Change”, that the seated crowd would become enchanted by Alex Alden’s heavenly voice.

With a vision to create from the simplest of songs to the most complex, each Alex Alden song has its own identity; hence to perform this broad spectrum of sounds she engages a full band. However there’s still space for Alex Alden to share centre stage with Luke Briffa for the more familiar acoustic duo set-up. The audience was completely engrossed by the percussionist’s brushwork technique on “Cricket Song”. Meanwhile “Johnny, Johnny” and the duo’s rendition of Muse’s “Feeling Good” further illustrates the mutual understanding of the pair. However, the song I immediately fell in love with is the unadorned dulcet sounds of “Truffle Song”.

Nevertheless, one can fully appreciate the depth of her voice on the intricate trio of “Sick Rose”, “Traveler” & “Poison Arrow”. Embellished with a three piece string section, these three ambitious baroque pop opuses are further evidence of the artist’s prematurity; in fact they are works most thirty-somethings would be proud of. As the accomplished artist she is, Alex Alden also has an eye for the memorable moments. The glorious “Just Like You” is a joy to behold, while the wistful post-break up single “Dancing Alone” certainly needs no introduction.

“The Curious Child EP” is the perfect prologue for Alex Alden, and by the potential of the rest of the set-list, she will keep everyone wanting for more. Experiencing Alex Alden live has been one of the most fulfilling moments of my life and I do recommend her to anyone who loves music!