Once Upon a Time – A look at Belle

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Another fairy tale character that is also part of the series is none other than Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Belle is one of those characters, which are introduced late in the series. Her storyline is somewhat similar to the fairy tale however with a little twist to her love interest in order to combine the series’ storyline.

Belle is first introduced in the fairy tale world unlike the other characters. Like the fairy tale character, Belle sports the classic blue dress and white shirt and the yellow ball gown we all dreamed of as little girls. Apart from these costumes, Belle sports a warrior costume, which is obviously not part of the original fairy tale.

In the real world, Belle is just as elegant and classy as in the fairy tale world. She sports a number of dresses and tailored outfits! Lace, frills, cardigans and tailored skirts are all part of her wardrobe, however, her wardrobe does surprise the viewer at times, like when she sported a sexy sparkly fitted dress. Her colour palette is similar to the fairy tale world, however, she does sport a number of colours apart from the blue and yellow hues she sports in the fairy tale land.

Her make-up is the same in both worlds; she keeps her make-up very natural and toned down. Her face has a flawless finish and flushed rosy cheeks. She barely has any eye make-up and her lips are kept very natural having just a slight pinkish or berry hue at times. Her hair is styled in soft curls having that romantic, dreamy feel.

Do you watch Once Upon a Time? Which character is your favourite?