Time will tell??

Dear Guru,

When I meet someone, I fall in love so easily with that guy. After days, unfortunately they always break up with me; same story: I’m not ready to be in a relationship… Why because I am passionate and make their life so sweet and romantic? I give them everything that they want, knowing that I won’t be thanked. Last guy I’ve met, told me again he wants to go out and have fun etc… he was in a relationship before we met, but something deep down tells me: He’ll be yours someday. In fact, we are chatting again and we’ve made that friends with benefits thing… but I don’t know how I am going to control my feelings anymore. Cannot concentrate on my studies at all. I’ve been watching romantic movies etc… Maybe time will tell???

Thanks, Belle

Oh dear Belle, love can hurt so much, when it is supposed to be all about sparkles and nice moments. I can tell you a thousand things to comfort you, like do not get too close but we are women and we love easily and unconditionally. That’s who we are. 

The reality is that we need to kiss a lot of frogs until we find our prince charming as unfortunately in real life we don’t have a fairy god mother to guide us. 

What I know for sure is that love has to come from both sides and it shouldn’t be full of sacrifices, it has to be natural and in a relationship one should give but also take. So unless you are with someone that is truly worthy of you, don’t even bother.

The right one will come along don’t worry, in the meantime love yourself as much as possible, because if you don’t take care of yourself…. no one will..

The Love Guru