SURYA and CHANDRA – The Play of Sun and Moon in Human Relationships – Part 2


This woman is the single mother, or single career woman, so is the Surya. She has the capability to revert to the Chandra role if she meets a strong Surya male, or can remain the Surya to a weaker Chandra male.

Some Chandra women, on connecting with the Chandra male, spend years of patient encouragement to train their man to be the Surya. Some just become the Surya of the relationship.

As women recognise and practice their spiritual growth and journey, many will become the Surya, in that aspect at least, or will walk away and take the journey alone. Many Surya women walk the spiritual path.
So how can a career couple, both Surya, have a personal relationship? In practice one or the other will remain the Surya at home, the other becomes the Chandra. It can be one roll at work, the other at home.

There will be compromise, separate paths within the relationship, or clashes. In practice, they can both be so drained by the careers that they come home and exist, sharing meals, a concert, a holiday, and little else. Most of the package functions to a degree of satisfaction.

Of course this is just a scene from the play. The young men taking the powerboat to a bay for a boys’ day out, drinking beer, and playing loud music for everyone to hear, are not taking responsibility. They are Mars, not Surya.
To keep this article simple, the planet aspects have been ignored but will exist in all.

Are you Surya, taking responsibility? Are you Chandra, reflecting the light and providing the support to a Surya? Does reading this inspire you to change?