Interview with ANDRE` PENZA

Where do you live: Luqa
Status: Married
Star Sign: Leo
Main occupation: Science Lab Technician
Media-related occupation: Actor

Andre` Penza joined Ghaqda Atturi Luqa at the age of 12 and made his debut on stage in 1995 where he was part of the cast in the first live musical staged in Maltese, ie:- Jesus Christ Superstar at De Porres Theatre, Sliema. Then he met the late Fr.John Abela, who immediately gave him a main role in “il-Maskot”, and Andre` never looked back. He took theatre work seriously and was given main roles ever since.

Andre` was being given main roles on local television as well such as in ‘Is-Salib tal- Fidda, Dejjem Tieghek Becky, Gizelle, Ix-xhud li ma Deherx, Is-sigill tal-Qrar, Emilja and Dreams’.

Apart from acting, Andre` always showed an interest in script writing as well. In 1997 he wrote a one-act play called `L-isbah rigal’ which was staged by Skene. This was followed by another one act play ‘L-imhatra’ which was also staged by Skene.

Since 2008, he has been conducting a group of teenagers from Skene. For this group he wrote and directed “Adam vs Eva, Figurini, Abort & Fatat. For Skene he also wrote and directed, ‘it-Tmiem?’ and the latest ‘Tama’.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?
None, I wear trunks.

Are you a good cook? What is it that you cook really well?
I don`t really have time for cooking, but my friends adore my pizza and pasta dishes.

What do you prefer women or cars? And why?
I cannot imagine myself without any of the two. And I cannot choose, as I find them both essential but expensive to maintain.

What’s the number one fashion item you could not live without?
I hear them say that one can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, shirts and watches, but if I had to choose one, it will have to be a watch, in order to keep up with my busy schedule.

Do you buy an expensive car or you prefer the same amount of cash in your bank account?
We only live once, so an expensive car becomes a natural choice.

Best advice ever given?
‘Don`t get married’. I keep giving this advice to all my single friends, but none of them listen. I did the same thing when they advised me anyway. Haha. My wife will kill me when she reads this :)