The Hipster

hipster Hipster-5

Until a couple of years ago, “the hipster” was , for most of us, a type of jeans. But over the last couple of years this word has had its meaning revoked. A trend dating back to the 1940s, where a hipster was a young person who loved being different from the rest of society. For instance, they listened to jazz music which was by then becoming somewhat out-dated.

More recently though, in early 2000s, the New York Times ran articles about places in America, most notably Williamsburg, Brooklyn and identified a sub-culture where young people interested in liberal arts, dressed in vintage clothes and listened to bands which had not yet been commercially successful. These young people generally had a University degree in arts, fashion and even maths and science.

Locally, the hipster trend is also picking up. A look at the fashion tastes of young people in Malta today proves this. There has been an increase in the interest in vintage clothing, including shopping from thrift shops, something which until a couple of years ago was quite unheard of.

I think it’s very refreshing to have such sub-cultures emerging locally since we are at times considered to be a country which lacks cultural diversity.

Written by Claire Caruana.