SURYA and CHANDRA – The Play of Sun and Moon in Human Relationships – Part 1

In ancient Vedic scripts the sun – SURYA, the moon – CHANDRA, and the planets were all related to human characteristics and interaction.

The sun gives the light, and energy from it’s fire, the masculine quality. The moon reflects the light of the sun, the feminine quality. When Surya leads and takes responsibility, Chandra is bathed with the light and there is harmony. All is as nature planned.

Surya attracts Chandra, and the essential male – female energies support each other. Chandra is programmed to be beautiful, and to praise and encourage Surya, who in turn is devoted to love and to take care of Chandra, and the family. Surya is the strength and leadership. Patient Chandra is responsive to the leadership, and dedicates her life to be the support of their Surya partner, and mother to his children.

Surya is the leader. There can only be one leader. In present times many women take the role of Surya because the man in the relationship does not lead, or take responsibility. He may have been raised by a Surya mother, often in a single parent family, or where the woman “wore the trousers”. He was conditioned to the Chandra role by the strength of his Surya mother who fought to raise him alone, and dedicated years of her life to this lonely task, which she would not have missed for the world. He does not know how to be Surya to a woman.

This woman is the single mother, or single career woman, so is the Surya…… to be continued