Say cheese! Camera iphone case

Every iPhone nowadays is glammed up with a case. I found this amazing case online and just thought it summed up the usefulness of having an iPhone on the go.

We clearly take photos wherever we go at any time. This case makes your phone look like an actual camera! It’s cute and functional. Get this – the “volume up” button can be used to take a photo when you are using an iPhone camera app. The shutter button on the camera cover sits right onto of the “volume up” so it would look like you are taking a photo with your camera. Another hovering button is the “volume down” button. This camera has chic and fashionable written all over it.

It’s a great gadget accessory and you can find it online too for a reasonable price.

I am always looking for the next best thing for iPhone covers and this is one creative example! Why not look cool when taking a snapshot with this case on your phone!