Interview with DOROTHY BEZZINA

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Family Photo

Where do you live:- Qrendi

Status:- in a relationship

Star Sign:- Scorpio

Main occupation:- Teacher of Maltese at Savio College

Media-related occupation:- Singer and theatrical performer

Being raised in a musical family of nine, Dorothy Bezzina naturally developed a passion towards music and the performing arts, going on to study the piano at the age of 5 and musical theatre at 11. Thanks to her family, music has always been an integral part of her upbringing.

“Whenever I watch videos of myself growing up, some kind of music is usually playing in the background.  My parents are both musicians themselves, and my siblings and I naturally followed the same path.  I started off my career by being principally active in the musical theatre scene, with the most memorable performance so far being in Jekyll and Hyde – The Musical (Teatru Manoel), where I played the part of Lucy Harris, which I later also performed in Marbella, Spain.  Musical theatre opened doors to other opportunities, which allowed me to experiment with different genres.  I have performed in various concerts in Malta, such as Movie Spectacular  (2012) and Rockestra (2010, 2011), alongside the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and also across theatres in Spain, Italy, Belgium, including the Royal Albert Hall in London, alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I am a member of Animae Gospel Choir, one of the most respected vocal ensembles on the island, and I have also taken part in several editions of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.  With regard to my profession, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Maltese, a Postgraduate Diploma in Interpreting and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Malta. I am currently a teacher of Maltese at Savio College, and I have recently also completed my MA studies through the University of Nottingham on a scholarship offered by STEPS (Malta) and part-financed by the European Union”, stated Dorothy in this interview.


If you were to be in power, how would you use it?

I would offer further support to professional artists and organizations seeking to promote understanding and appreciation of the Arts.

How desperate are you to be a famous singer?

Had I been desperate to become famous, I wouldn’t have chosen to be a singer at all.  Commitment is one thing, but desperation does not leave room for enjoyment. I want to enjoy whatever I’m doing.

Do you look forward to the January sales?

Sure… if I have anything left to spend by then.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go?

I don’t remember… but most probably it has been on travelling, which I don’t ever regret :)

Were you ever bullied as a kid?

I don’t ever remember being bullied as a kid. Perhaps being the eldest of seven, and the general support of my family, has helped me to be assertive and to develop a sense of leadership, but also to be sensitive toward the needs of others. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure there are instances when we all feel bullied, not just as kids on the playground, but also as adults, especially through other people’s misuse or abuse of power. However, feeling helpless or victimised will only cause pain and waste energy. This may be overcome by seeking help through the right channels, being confident in what you do and by investing in relationships which truly matter.