Design in its Element

Designs and wall paintings from the Edfu Temple in Egypt Roman and Greek baths were more than a place to soak. They were epicentres of culture, sports and intellectual pursuits. Greek mythology and religion combined in a painted created by Botticelli during the Italian Renaissance.

I have written articles about how people’s tastes in design vary; yet when it comes to interiors it goes deeper than that. Such ‘styles’ like Minimalism, Baroque and Industrial all had a beginning and this beginning comes from a lifestyle, revolution or politics. Nowadays our love for the outdoors, open spaces and landscaping is what’s popular, simply because through time we have evolved and our lifestyles have changed. Open kitchens and living areas make sense to us in this day and age because we love to socialise and it’s more practical to have the kitchen/dining/living area in one space.

Minimalism came from the need to de-clutter and feel harmony in one’s surroundings.

Feeling the need to start decorating and styling one’s home came from the Egyptians and Romans who used wall decorations carved into the stone, vessels and other accessories to create finer spaces. The divide of rich and poor was always evident not only through clothing, but also through the furniture and craftsmanship that went into homes. Yet when it came to the Dark Ages all colours and textures were lost, only to be revived again once Europe lifted itself onto its feet again.

In the 12th century, the creative Gothic style was noted for its use of open interiors and windows to capture natural light.

The Italian Renaissance continued to create harsh separations between those that could afford lavish interiors and those whose homes were bare and non-elaborate. Palaces, gilded mirrors and fine art all contributed to the symbolism of wealth.

The Industrial Revolution is where the man in the street was able to create decorative spaces through the inexpensive production brought by machinery. Décor magazines started being released and therefore inspiration was available to all those who wished to pursue the skill of styling and decorating.

Although this article will give you an incredibly brief idea of the way and reasons interiors change, it demonstrates how our lifestyle and culture is the main influence to design trends. There is no such thing as new collections and haute couture in interiors. Our spaces purely evolve out of the state of our nation and the needs we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

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