Ask for physical intimacy

Women complain that they have been in situations with a man they like and the man does not ask for sex, or make any physical move like kissing.

Other women complain that a man does ask for sex, and probably tells her girlfriends that he is just like all the other men, and only wants one thing from them.

Now come on Ladies, please. It takes some men a lot of courage to ask for sex, for fear of rejection, for losing friendship, or for being labelled as just another man out for what he can get.

So let’s be fair. Men are already confused about their role, as many women are liberated and independent. If he asks, and you accept, then great, enjoy what follows.

If you do not want sex with him for whatever reason, like you wait for Mr Right, you don’t fancy him… then please show gratitude that he has offered you this beautiful opportunity and politely say no thank you.

Now if you are hoping to be asked, and he does not, then please have the courage to ask him.

And let’s all be clear in what we ask for. If you want sex, ask for sex. If you ask for intimacy, does it mean that you want to cuddle and talk, does it mean that you would like to kiss or fondle, or does it mean that you want passionate sex? If you don’t say, there will be more misunderstanding. It is time to be honest about our desires and feelings.