Did You Stretch After Working Out Today?


We all exercise to keep fit, have a beautiful frame and a body that every passer-by would kill for. Any intense work out at a gym, zumba class or kickboxing should end up with a 5 minute stretching session.

During a workout, muscles contract and small tears occur in muscle fibres. Then when you are in the resting phase between training,  muscles rebuild themselves stronger. Without stretching, muscles may shorten over time.

Stretching prevents muscles from shrinking and helps them to rebuild, grow bigger, stronger and allow you to get the full benefit from your efforts. You should make sure to stretch the group of muscles you trained today and you should stretch before hitting the shower.

Don’t stretch beyond your limits, it is not a competition. If you reached the point where the position is actually painful, you stretched too much. It’s your body you need to listen to, a slight discomfort is what you should aim for.

Back in the days stretching was done by bouncing in a certain position, now it has changed. Stretch as far as you can, do three deep breaths while holding the position without bouncing. With every exhalation you will feel that you can stretch further, so do it.

Being flexible helps you to stay active. Stretching is a great weapon against the aging process! So let’s stay young and be active ;)