The Vagina Facial

“What?? I hear you ask – that’s right a “facial” for your lady garden! This isn’t something new, it’s been around for years since 2010 and was originally started by The Strip Wax Bar in San Francisco. Recently, it has started to grow in popularity in the UK but will Malta follow??

If you have a vagina, and have successfully or unsuccessfully removed hair from around that area, you’ll know that it doesn’t always work out how we’d like it to, and that’s where the Vagacial comes in. It’s a 4 step process and takes around 60 minutes.

The first step is to cleanse the area, next an exfoliating mask is applied to remove the dead skin and prepare the skin for the next step – extraction! This is the part where they get rid of those pesky in-grown hairs and treat any acne that may have occurred after a bikini wax. The last step is to finish it all off with a soothing mask tailored to your va-jay-jay vicinity needs, be it anti-blemish, lightening cream or just plain old soothing for anti-redness!

This treatment is rumoured to be a lifer after a wax, but I think a lot of woman are in two minds about the idea.

Personally, I hope they bring it to Malta. I’ll be first in line to try it out all in the name of research!

Would you have a Vagacial?

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