Ideas for a Wicked Hen Night


The wedding season is about to open up very soon, and with that comes the last night of freedom. OK so you’ve got the ring, you’ve got the groom, all you need is a night full of alcohol, girls and a stripper…erm…well this might be the ideal hen night for some of you out there, but it doesn’t mean you have to crawl out of the nightclub, below find a list of different hen night ideas to suit every group of girlfriends.

Spa Pampering – This is heaven! We all love that feeling – entering into a flowery scented spa, dressed in a super comfy and soft bathrobe, comfy slippers  ready for a full day or weekend of pampering. Facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, blow-dries are only a few of the treatments any girl can enjoy. There are spas that suit every budget, you can even fly out for the weekend and visit a health farm overseas too.

Boat party/trip – We live on a beautiful island, with beautiful sea, so why not take advantage of the lovely beaches and secluded inlets by charting a yacht or a boat and exploring the gem from sea. Who wouldn’t love a tan top-up anyway?

Girls Getaway – Your hen’s night is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, so why not make a weekend out of it, and have it abroad. There are various options from City life to Beach life. We have many low cost airlines that can make this possible.

Themed Parties – A hen night theme is a great way to unite the group and get them chatting before the night even begins. Be sure that everyone is aware of this right from the beginning  and make sure that your activity matches the theme you have gone with. Various ideas like burlesque, vintage, rock and roll, nautical (just like mine). Picture this a Sex And The City-style hen night, mixing drinks, gossip and a night on the town.

Gigs – Malta is picking up on these too. If your BTB likes live music then why not organize a different hen night which kicks off at a concert or a bar. This can also be done overseas. There are many girly concerts one could go to from Rihanna to Florence, whatever tickles your fancy.

Wine Tasting – Fun and informal wine tasting can be ideal for a posh hen party either in the afternoon or evening. The girls can mingle, and chat while getting the party going. And maybe improving your knowledge of the various regions.

Dancing – Do you want something fun and different for your hens? Then why not try out a class, a sensual pole dancing class or even belly dancing. I can already imagine the giggles and even learn a cool routine. You may even get a chance to show off your routine on the nightclub dance floor or else a private dance for your hubby. Think about that!

Makeovers, Manicures & Martinis –Every girl loves a makeover and what better way to spend your last outing as a single girl than with your nearest and dearest at a Style Me Pretty Party. Get ready for a night of pampering with your girls. Makeovers, manicures and martinis followed by a photo shoot would be the ideal souvenir.