How to Rock a Statement Lip!

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The sun is shining; so let your lips do the talking this season by brightening up your look with a bold statement lip! What is a statement lip?

A statement lip is a bold colour, which is emphasized on the lips, making it the statement of your make-up look. The most common lip colours, which are referred to as statement colours, are usually hues of orange, pink and red colours.

When thinking about working a statement lip, you have to keep some things in mind namely:

  1. Where will you be wearing it? At some occasions such as weddings or even at a work place, a statement lip may be too much, mind you I am the first person who wears a bright pink lip to wear to work, but it then boils down to the second point in case…
  2. Choosing the right lip colour to compliment your look and occasion. Some lip colours as I previously stated, just won’t do in certain situations, and with certain make-up looks, heavy eye make-up is usually enough, so a bright, bold lip will be too much, however, by choosing a shade darker or lighter of the specific shade just might work!
  3. Choosing the right shade for you. Let’s face it, unfortunately not all lip colours may look good on us. Before choosing a lip shade, do take into consideration your skin tone.
  4. Make sure your lipstick does not get on your teeth. This is probably the biggest mistake you can do with a statement lip. ALWAYS check your teeth before going out since statement lips are highly pigmented and will get on your teeth. A tip you may use is to blot your lips and applying some powder on top of it, also you can rub some Vaseline on your teeth, which will stop the lipstick from getting on your teeth!

So what are you waiting for? Go on and try a statement lip this Spring/Summer!