DIY Body Scrub

With Spring now in full swing and summer quickly approaching it will soon be time for shorts and t-shirts. Over the winter months our beauty regimes can fall by the way side while we pile on the layers of clothes and neglect our skin.

But with this simple sugar and olive oil body scrub that you can make at home, your skin will be smooth and beach-ready in no time.

You’ll need:

½ Cup of Sugar (either caster sugar or brown sugar)
2 tbsp honey
3 tbsp olive oil

For storage

A plastic or glass container with a lid.

First add the olive oil and honey to your container. Next add the sugar and stir well.

That’s you done! You’ve now made your very own body scrub.

Note: I recommend using something slim to stir such as a wooden spoon handle to make sure it is mixed well.

This mixture should last you around a month, but be careful not to store it in the fridge as that would harden the mixture. You can use this all over your body as well as your face but do avoid your eye area. For best results with body scrubs, scrub is a circular motion.

Happy scrubbing…