What The F*** – Did You Just Fart On Me!?


I’ve been in relationships pretty much all the time since I was 17, I really don’t know how to be single.


No, it’s not a matter of ‘I can’t function on my own‘, it’s simply because there are a lot of nice guys out there ;)

Hopefully I gained a plus point from the male side now, because I might need it after my list of ‘things that happen in relationships after a certain amount of time together‘. It’s a disturbing phase where men thinks that less effort is needed to keep the lady happy!

Sure, after years together we all become a little too comfy and relaxed around each other and that’s fine, sometimes even cute, but here are some things I’ve experienced or heard of which are not fine:

  1. “Morning hun, faaaart, I’ll go and fix the coffee ok”  – I’m still in bed, eyes half open. Wtf? Did you just fart on me?
  2. Walk around the house naked. No comment.
  3. When men cut their nails, they clean up by putting the nail clipper back in its place. The nail clippings are still all over the bathroom. ‘I promise I didn’t see them’. Right.
  4. Wearing sloppy clothes when you wish they would have made an effort, even when it’s just the two of you.
  5. Doing No.2 with the bathroom door wide open. Ughh.

I’m sure a lot of men feel the same way about their girlfriends or wives, it’s never just a one-way street, so if you want your relationship to remain glowing – regardless if you’ve been a couple for 5 months or 30 years – make an effort towards each other, it’s a beautiful sign of respect!

A simple question to test most situations is this: Would I have done this less attractive thing in the very beginning? If no, don’t do it. And guys; you don’t have a list of annoying habits from us girls do you?!

P.S. :) – I’m sorry for wearing that blue non-flattering fleece robe for an entire winter. Won’t happen again :)