Interview with Jessica Magro

Jessica Magro

Where do you live:- Haz-Zebbug

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Aquarius

Main occupation:- Trainee Accountant

Media-related occupation:- Singer

Jessica started singing from the age of 12 with the encouragement of her music teacher at secondary school. She started singing lessons with Doreen Galea, from whom she learnt so much and who gave her the opportunity to participate in the festival ‘Tralcio D’oro’ which takes place in Bari, Italy. At the same time she joined Dominic Galea’s choir and Alison Ellul’s choir. From 2004 till 2006, Jessica attended Stage Coach after which she started singing lessons with Ruth Sammut Casingena.

In 2005 she participated in the first edition of ‘Ghanja tal-Poplu Zghazagh’ in which she placed third, and also Waterfront Epoka Fesitval in which she placed first. Also, Jessica took part in two musicals: ‘Sound of Music’ and ‘Filippu’.

However, during the past three years singing had to take a back seat because of her University studies. Now that Jessica has graduated, she is planning to start singing again and plans to participate in future festivals.


How desperate are you to be a famous singer?

In reality I am not that desperate to become famous. Singing is a passion which I love to do while taking one step at a time.

What’s your number one fashion item you couldn’t live without and why?

One fashion item I could not live without, for sure, are cardigans as these can be worn in any season. In Winter they are ideal for layering and in Summer in the evening if it gets a bit chilly.

What are your comments about tattoos?

I like them. I think tattooing is an art in itself, however I would never consider doing one myself.

 If you were to be in power, how would you use it?

I would pass harsher laws for animal abusers, decrease bureaucracy and let workers earn what they really deserve and have worked for.

What is it that you would never buy? And why?

I would never buy cigarettes, the reason being that I hate their pungent smell, they age you prematurely and are very harmful, not only to oneself but also to the people around.