Dual-Textured Hair

Missoni and Victoria Beckham shows for S/S 2013

Whereas the transition from ‘runway’ to ‘everyday’ is a natural one for many beauty trends, others find it harder to bag themselves an appearance in our beauty habits. Opposed to the statement lip, ombre hair or the vertiginous high ponytail, the dual textured hair-do is having a hard time even with the bravest of the risk-takers.

Dual-textured hair – that is a look featuring both wet and dry hair simultaneously – was seen at the Missoni and Victoria Beckham shows for S/S 2013. The girls at the Victoria Beckham show, in their flawlessly sleek roots and dry ends looked ethereal. Something like a siren rising from some fairy-tale lake!

So why do we despise this trend? Well, first there’s the obvious ‘does my hair look greasy?’ issue. Secondly, many also feel the pronounced gelled or serumed roots emphasis the shape of their ‘not so perfect’ head. Those with thin locks also complain of looking awkward, considering that their dry ends are still not textured enough.

Even though many of us would appreciate the ‘cool’ factor behind dual-textured hair, we also understand that only the select few would be able to pull it off. That said, dual-textured hair should be left to those ladies with long, straight hair. Maybe even wavy in certain cases. Agreed?