You Have the Right to Remain Silent!


As people we were made to communicate and it is this aspect which might define us from other animals, as Aristotle once said we are political animals, but we are also social animals.
Not only can people talk and communicate, but we also fought against tyrannies for our freedom of speech. The question I sometimes think about is how far does this right go, how much freedom do you have to utter whatever you like, whenever you like without being controlled, without being stopped?

The other question is can this right be taken away, should it be allowed to prohibit a person from uttering things which may seem horrible or stupid and even create the possibility of doing damage? What is the better action, allowing a person to be free or making sure that no damage or hatred results from that which was spoken? This all falls back on the mentality and the awareness of a person as well as his or her intelligence to sieve through whatever is spoken. I am not suggesting that every conversation has to be thought through, word by word – imagine having a conversation with a person that way! I am saying that when one speaks on social media or in ways directed towards other people or when making a statement, one should think and ponder and make sure that whatever he or she says will not end up in offending people, especially if there is no logical base for it!

The right to speak is not just a right but something inherent to the person, a social animal, but it would do good to remember that sometimes silence is golden and that it would be better  to not say anything rather than offend and harm others. After all what is the right to speak without having an ounce of respect and a little bit of thought?