Getting that Hollywood Glow

Nathalie Portman

Them Hollywood stars! Don’t they always glow and look perfect? Want that Hollywood glow too? Here’s how to get an improved skin that is smooth, even and radiant:

  1. Cleanse using a damp muslin cloth to remove your cleansing lotion or facial wash. It’s a great way of refining your pores! You can also enhance the process by following up this step with a clay mask once every week. Goodbye clogged pores!
  2. Exfoliation works wonders. It can make tired skin look alive within seconds! It helps to remove blackheads as well as those pesky dead surface cells that make your skin look as dull as London weather. Careful not to over-exfoliate though or else you risk drying out your skin!
  3. Speaking about hydration, make sure you get plenty of that. Central heating, jet lag and late nights out can severely hamper your skin’s natural moisture level so make sure you pump it up with regular moisturizing facials, appropriate night creams and drinking plenty of water.
  4. Eat well! You won’t only look slim and feel confident, you’ll also prevent the signs of ageing. You’re safest if you stop eating anything coming out of a box, especially if it’s sugary. Sugar causes inflammation. Inflammation causes ageing.
  5. Banish those puffy eyes! From adding another pillow at night, limiting your sodium intake and using the right eye-creams – there’s so much you can do to make sure your eyes look bright and awake. You can also perform a mini-massage when applying your eye-cream, starting from the outer corner of your eyes and massage using your ring fingers in tiny inward circles and slowly approach the eye socket bone. Then massage from the bridge of your nose upwards towards your eyebrows and start over. You’ll be surprised at the results!