Interview with Deborah C

Where do you live:- Pietá
Status:- Single
Star Sign:- Capricorn
Main occupation:- Singing/University student
Media-related occupation:- Singer and reading for a Bachelor of arts: Maltese and Communications

23 years old, Deborah Cassar better known as Deborah C is from the small village of Ghajnsielem, Gozo. Still a full-time university student currently reading for a Bachelor of Arts in Maltese and Communications Studies, she tries to find the right balance between music and education. She has been participating in many prestigious festivals both locally and abroad. Deborah C is also a resident singer on Malta’s top Sunday afternoon TV show “Hadd Ghalik”.  Presently, she is working on some new tracks which, hopefully, will  be  played on local radio stations.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Do you own one or more?

I love tattoos on other people. Personally, I think it’s a work of art in which individuals can convey their own sensations and emotions like any other art form. It’s all about being innovative, unique and creating your own style. Until now I don’t own one – am still a bit uncertain about it, but who knows what will happen in the future?!  Maybe I’ll get a music-note tattoo or something else which is related to music.

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with that time?

I believe I would tour around the world, will try to be big-hearted and help others, treasure my family and loved ones, would release an album and enjoy life to the max!!

Were you ever bullied as a kid?

Not actually bullied, but I did not get along with some girls for the simple fact that I used to like playing with boys’ games like Action Man, Spider Man instead of Barbie Dolls.  I used to like more sturdy PSP/PC games like wrestling, football, racing cars etc.  That was my only childhood obstruction.

What’s a hobby you spend most money on?

It’s absolutely singing. I consider it more than just a leisure pursuit, as I dedicate almost all of my leisure time on it. It engages a lot of hard-work and dedication.  Furthermore, anyone who loves this hobby and takes it seriously needs financial support and family support to succeed.

What makes you angry most?

I’m a very tranquil person and usually I always have a smile on my face.  But three things would change my mood and get me angry: jealous or double-faced companions, those who act weird and also self-centred persons.