No Lazing In Bed…Get Your Trainers On

You start to gently open your eyes to a bright morning sun and you just cannot help thinking how amazing it will feel running along the coast with a gentle breeze caressing your cheek, that is other than when you feel the burn in your thighs from the lactic acid build up! Oh well, no lazing in bed then…anyway we do have to make up for the past week’s pig-outs! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

You put on your running gear and make your way out in the bright sunshine and the open road…

Your initial chirpy hopping turns into a slow jog but you brush the (already) ache in your muscles aside and you keep pushing yourself to run those few extra metres, you start to hear your breathing over your music but you reach your target and you slow down your pace to control your breathing and you persuade yourself to push yourself even further…

You turn and have to run all the way back home…oh hell it’s not going to be easy; but there is no other option to what your final destination will be! Shall you resort to walking? But that means you will take even longer to get home… you look longingly at people in cars… you even think about taking public transportation. You seem to have totally phased out your situation with all this day-dreaming when you realize that you are nearly home!

Final destination reached! Oh joy! Oh the aching muscles, the sweat, the purple face…but all that is forgotten with the sense of pride that you made it! Oh yes you did! You could have given up halfway through your run…but you didn’t.

The Ancient Greeks had the perfect word to sum up this internal competitive struggle to always strive to do better in sport. Agon; the struggle within you for victory… Hell Yes!

And today’s final score is: You 1 – The World 0