A is for Aztec


Geometrical shapes, bold colours, daring patterns and lines, this is the Aztec trend! Inspired by the Native American tribe, this trend is hitting the world by storm; from outfits to accessories, this trend gives an edge to any outfit!

This trend comes in various forms, colours and patterns, from earthy tones to bold neon colours. We have been seeing a number of local retailers who are stocking up on this trend. Today, we will show you how Aztec can work for you!

If you shy away from fashion, or would like to try out something new but are a bit hesitant to embrace the trend to the full, why not try accents such as accessories. There are many ways to incorporate this trend as an accessory, look out for statement, geometrical shapes, feather accessories and prints in any form. One statement accessory and you can transform your outfit from boring to exciting!

If on the other hand, you would like to embrace the trend, but not go all out, opt for a one piece item such as a skirt, a top or else, the very popular Aztec leggings!

If on the other hand, you want to go all out, go for a full on printed dress and pair it with neutral accessories, such as the dress shown.

This trend goes very well with casual materials like a maxi skirt, however keep in mind that since you have quite a busy statement piece, keep other bits of the outfit neutral. To finish off your outfits, denim is the Aztec’s print best friend!

What are you waiting for – get experimenting and make the Aztec trend work for you!