Rise and Shine

This expression has always failed to amuse me. How is it possible to get up early in the morning and manage to shine? Health experts have a number of ways which they claim help deal with early mornings, but personally I’ve never found these tips to actually help. What works are little practical adjustments to my mornings. Rather than rummaging through your wardrobe in the morning, pick out your whole outfit from the night before. This way, you don’t have to stress over what to wear and you can look stylish without too much hassle in the morning. And don’t forget socks – which always tend to disappear in the morning.

Alarms, the crucial part of early mornings. They should be loud enough that you actually do wake up, but I have found that switching the traditional annoying sounds to something more relaxing helps with me not waking up grumpy. Choosing an alarm which does not give you a fright but successfully wakes you up means you don’t open your eyes and the first thing you want to do is smash your alarm, helping you have a calm morning. Next, put on your favourite music. Be it whilst driving or getting dressed, listening to your favourite songs makes you want to sing along and in turn forget being grumpy. If breakfast at the crack of dawn is not your thing, carry with you little snacks which you can nibble on later in the morning. That way you would still be eating something early on in the day but not too early that you feel sick. So maybe shining in the morning is close to impossible, but with these little tips, we might manage to smile a little.

Written by Claire Caruana.