Ralph Lauren – Spring Runway 2013 collection

With Ralph Lauren falling hard for Spain for his Spring Runway 2013 collection, this year we find bolder trends rather than the usual floral, digital imaging, sheer fabrics and retro looks.

This season, Ralph Lauren created a daring Latin woman, bohemian in spirit, highlighting all types of elements of the Spanish Culture including: bold and explosive colours such as the red and black of flamenco, paddings and embroidery of the stiff matador jackets, the famous small neck scarfs and ruffles of the traditional dresses of the flamenco bailaoras. Even though some critics commented that his runway, this time round, seemed a parade of a Spanish Flamenco festival, it is also very distinctive and gives a fresh gasp from the usual floral and pastel colour inspired Spring trends.

Ralph Lauren might also have tried to revive this old and refined fashion which was very popular many years ago in countries in South America, which even though one might think that this fashion was lost, nowadays it is still present amongst the old mature Spanish Senoras. In fact, following my last visit to the Spanish Capital, I must say that I was utterly unimpressed with the current street fashion in this city. However, the natural elegance of the mature aged women is still remarkable and timeless.

Get inspired from this look and if you are not keen on the reds and blacks, go for cool colours such as emerald and different shades of blues to add louche and luxurious coolness. The elements that you cannot miss to create this look are: the ruffles, flat topped Spanish hats, crocheted tops or georgettes, lace collar details or trimming, Spanish style earrings, fringed suede bags, and silk twill scarfs.