Keep the passion

Expectation is normally that after the initial excitement of a new relationship, the passion and romance wears off, and the couple become more like companions, but committed to each other. For too many, life becomes mediocre, routine and comfortable.

If we believe that, then that is what our relationship will become. Is that what we want from a relationship? If so why not just get a dog. Without regular intimacy a relationship becomes two friends living under the same roof, and one is probably frustrated.

The other option is to visualise and create a relationship which is extraordinary, and where the life force energies, our sexual and creative energies are the chemistry to build a life of fun, passion, adventure, excitement, intimacy, romance and exceptional sensuality and love making.

Masculine energy is fire element, feminine energy is water element.  What if we can keep the fire burning, as in the first heights of coming together? We can of course, if both are willing to go deep into each other to achieve this.

Surely the aim of life is not to attract the partner, then to sit back and proudly show off this new possession.  Meeting the right lover and soul mate should be the beginning of an incredible adventure beyond what one person alone can achieve, not a peak from which the only way is downhill.

We all deserve better than that. We can choose to make intimacy and passion a priority in life, if both share the same dream and intention.