Interview with IRA LOSCO

Credit: Tonio Lombardi & Chris Stellini

Where do you live: Sliema
Status: In a Relationship
Star Sign: Leo
Main occupation: Singer/Songwriter
Media-related occupation: Singer/Songwriter

Ira’s mother says that Ira sang before she talked. “ I’ve always had a great passion for music. I grew up studying piano and voice at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. I attended St. Aloysius College were I was spotted by Ray Agius a song writer for local festivals. Very quickly I started getting requests to sing festival songs and mine went through to finals. I was third time lucky with the Song For Europe Festival and represented Malta in The Eurovision Song Contest 2002 placing a first ever second place! Following that exciting experience I set my mind at writing my first ever album, under the direction and production of Howard Keith. People seemed to like the work and what followed were another 3 studio albums, “The Fire” being the latest one. Two remix albums, one unplugged album, a 400 page book and a music DVD, all a first for this country. I’ve performed with international stars including Elton John, Max Gaze, Claudio Baglioni and so many others. I believe that every experience has been a strong learning curve in my career. I also believe you are as young as you live and that music is the fountain of youth”, stated IRA LOSCO in her introduction to an interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What do you think about when you’re performing?
Everything and nothing. (laughs) It’s such an adrenalin rush. I can actually see faces I recognize in the audience sometimes, other times I connect with some people in the audience. Many a time I just let the music take over and I think of nothing, just of the lyrics I’m singing and what they mean to me and the music that reminds me of when I sat there writing it. It’s such a powerful tool to be able to write music and perform it. I’m in love with it.

Will you pose for a nude photo session, if offered 100,000 euros?
This question got me in trouble about 3 years ago. All I’ll say is – if it’s for a good cause and if I knew people or animals who were suffering, benefited from it then yes, but then again – who the hell wants to see me naked?? (laughs)

What’s the number one fashion item you couldn’t live without?
I could never live without my hooded black jacket which goes with everything!

What would you never buy, and why?
I’d never buy another one of those pyramid scheme ventures!! I’m hopeless at those!! Never again.