Shopping in Oxford Street?

Ever since I moved to London, I notice that my feet always end up taking me to the city’s unrivaled shopping hub: Oxford Street. One – or make it fifty – shopping sprees later, I’m going to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this shopping haven.

When is it best to go?

Not on Saturdays! Really. Best option is to visit the stores close to opening times on weekdays. Shops are still empty, shelves are very organised, fitting rooms aren’t crowded and, to everyone’s pleasure, you can actually breathe inside the store. Weekends, especially Saturdays are much busier! I’d also avoid lunchtime or just before closing time. That’s when people go in between or after work shifts!

What time to they open?

Quite late, really. Say till 8pm on from Monday to Saturday. However, this one time I went out to dinner on a Thursday evening and realised the stores were open till 10pm! Needless to say, I postponed dinner and ended up buying anything in stripes and polka dots and walked home hungry but not empty-handed.

Where is it best to stop?

I personally always get off at Charing Cross because I try my best to avoid the overwhelmingly busy Oxford Circus Tube Station. The latter is placed exactly in the middle of things, close to the ATM machines and the main shops. Yet, then again, I prefer enjoying a 20 minute brisk walk from Charing Cross, through Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Regent Street and avoid the herds of overexcited tourists at Oxford Circus. You can also opt for the less busy Tottenham Court Road, Marble Arch or Bond Street stations. They’re all very close to Oxford Street!