Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring – the beautiful season to switch from fleece to linen, from dark to colour, from socks to flip-flops, and obviously it’s the perfect time to clean and organize your wardrobe. Here are some quick tips for helping you get your closet in shape.

Store away. Start removing all your thick woollies and dark colours, I like to use storage boxes which I then place neatly labeled on top of my wardrobe, easily accessible for when the cold months kick in. Sort your winter accessories too, things like hats, gloves, thick scarves. Make sure your storage boxes are nice to look at too, remember you will be looking at your closet every day.

While doing the sorting, look for things that are worn out, or torn, whether there are items which don’t fit you anymore or items which have been hanging in your closet for the past 3 years. These need to be placed in a separate container. Look out for clothes which don’t really reflect the ‘present you’, do you still wear these neon crop tops or old fashioned suits?

Donate. All the items mentioned above, plus items which you think you can live without, need to go into a separate container, one which you will then have a quick run through and sort out items which can be either sold at a car-boot sale or, better still, donated.

Same goes for your shoes. Once you are ready from this procedure you can do the same with your shoes. Go through them and see which ones are really worn out. Can they be fixed? If not, then do throw these away and make space for newer ones and make sure you take the ones which need slight fixing to the cobbler. Clean them and store these away for next year.

Organize your space wisely using all available space. I like to group my items of clothing. I separate trousers, dresses, shirts, jackets, etc, it’s also very important to sort out your going out dresses from your office dresses. Tidying up will make the choice early in the morning far smoother. Remember to use all available space. The back of your closet is one of them. Also think of storage below the bed. You could also hang hooks on your exposed walls to display your accessories. The solutions are infinite!

Display systems. Once you have sorted your clothes per item think of alternative display solutions. Can I add more shelving space for my folded t-shirts by introducing hanging shelving? What about sorting my undies in the drawers by placing them in small display boxes per colour/use? Can I use multiple hangers for my trousers? Can my scarves be hung or else sorted in a small box within my drawer? Can I introduce shelving dividers so that my bags won’t all fall out as soon as I try and take one out from the lot? If you don’t have place to display your shoes, why not buy shoe boxes with a window or else take a picture of your pair and stick onto each box.

Have Self Discipline – The most important thing is to make a constant effort to keep your closet organized once you have it set up the way you like it. It may take a few extra minutes a day but it will surely pay off to keep it clean and organized.